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What your PC knows might hurt you!

Let PC Magnum protect your privacy.


Use PC Matic for Life!

With PC Matic EverGreen, you can use PC Matic for life and continue to get all the upgrades and feature enhancements for FREE. Other software companies offer perpetual licenses that lock you into a particular version and charge you when it is time to upgrade.

Constant updates with EverGreen!

The best time to buy Evergreen is at point of sale because Evergreen's price does not go down the longer you own the product. You will never have to spend more money to get the latest and greatest version of PC Matic.


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Customers with Evergreen licenses can not upgrade PC Matic Home to more than 10 computers. You must convert to PC Matic Pro if you have an Evergreen license and want to use PC Matic on more than 10 computers.

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